The site we have created is not just a gimmick, it’s called 3dvkarts because we provide drawing classes for novices and those who can draw effectively. Today we have decided to draw a real lesson for those who have a good grasp of drawing and, as you’ve probably known, today we’ll teach what it takes to draw a hockey player.

Step 1
The drawing process begins by following a standard procedure starting with the fact that we sketch out the body of our character. In the beginning, we trace out our head and the lines of the spine. Then, we drew out the legs and arms. You will notice that we sketched the hockey player with his head slightly inclined to express the dynamic of his motion.

Step 2
Now, we must create a more substantial character. Start by drawing the outline of the necks and the torso. Then we draw the legs and arms using simple geometric shapes such as cylinders and circles. Then we draw two lines across the head, on the basis of which later we’ll draw the specifics on the head. Like in the previous step Use very light lines.

Step 3
We are still using very thin lines. In this section, we’ll include the most fundamental details. Beginning by drawing the face, draw the lines of the face and the helmet. Then, sketch out the outline of the outer garment with massive shoulders. It is important to note that the hockey player’s clothes must be very bulky and huge. Then you will draw the outline of a hockey stick and skates.

Step 4
Beginning with this step, we’ll be using dark and clear lines to draw the hockey player’s outline. Start by drawing the head. Then, you can begin drawing the outline of a helmet that is rounded. Next, draw the contours of the nose, eyes, and mouth. Then, draw the eyebrows, eyes, and mouth. After this step, draw the facial contours and eliminate the unneeded guides from the head.

Step 5
Now, let’s look at the torso of a hockey player. This process will be easy. Utilizing dark and clear lines, carefully trace the contours of your upper layer of clothing and draw all folds and lines like in our illustration. Be aware that the folds must be drawn in areas that stretch and compress the tissue.

Step 6
The next step is to draw the top portion of the player. We will now be required to draw the arm outlines by using dark and clear lines. Start by drawing out gloves and sleeves that are huge. Then, in the hands that belong to the player, carefully make sure to draw the hockey stick. Also, do not forget to eliminate any unnecessary guidelines from your upper body.

Step 7
The upper body of a hockey player is finished then it’s time to concentrate on your lower part of the body. First, we draw the lines of shorts as well as pants, but not the shorts. Then we go lower and carefully sketch out the outline of huge skates. Then, remove any unnecessary instructions from the drawing, and proceed to the final section of the lesson that teaches drawing the figure of a hockey player.

Step 9
It’s time to begin working with the shadows that are rising. To draw the shadows accurately begin by imagining where the light source is. After considering this takes a careful sketch of the outline of the shadows, and then paint them using hatching. To create more dark-colored hatching, you can apply a second layer of hatching. Likewise, for lighter shadows, you can apply more sparse hatching.

As you may have seen that this lesson was quite difficult, however at the close of the lesson, we had a real-life drawing of an athlete from hockey. If you’re looking for more drawing lessons, you can create a category on our website under the title “People” and subscribe to our social media accounts in order to never be able to miss a single lesson offered by

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