Hello, dear readers! We will be showing you how to draw a hobgoblin in fantasy. From worlds such as Dungeons and Dragons, books by Tolkien, or computer RPG gaming. We already have a lesson on how you can draw Hobgoblin in Marvel Universe.

Step 1
First, draw the skeleton for future hobgoblins. Begin by drawing the head in the shape of a circle. Next, draw the spine using a simple line between your chest and pelvis. Then draw the arms, legs, and chest. Remember to keep all lines very light.

Step 2
Although this step may seem daunting, don’t be discouraged. Draw the body parts using simple geometric shapes. In this step, we will also need to draw the lines for facial symmetry. Finally, sketch the scimitar shield and dagger.

Step 3
Let’s get to the details, specifically the face of our hobgoblin. First, draw the eyes. They should be drawn on a horizontal line. Next, draw the small nose with protruding fangs. Next, draw some wrinkles on your face.

Step 4
Now we’re completing the head of the hobgoblin. Make the hat from fur and horns. Next, draw large pointed ears. These ears look very similar to those of Goblin. The beard is drawn at the end.

Step 5
Let’s now move on to the torso. We will instead draw armor onto the torso. The shoulder armor should be drawn with spikes. Next, draw the outline of the torso. Next, draw the belt.

Step 6
Let’s start with the arms. Continue to draw armor on the shoulders, forearms, and back. Next, draw the hand using weapons. Make sure to keep the lines clear. Don’t forget the guidelines!

Step 7
Continue drawing hobgoblin. Continue the same steps but use the lower body. The fabric that hangs from the belt should be drawn. Next, draw the armor at the knees and shins. Draw the shoes out of the shoes by folding the pants.

Step 8
The traditional last step is where we add shadows. We always say to first find the source of light, then add shadows to the opposite side of body parts.

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