How to Draw a Hippopotamus

This drawing guide will show you how to draw the hippopotamus. This is a large and powerful animal that thrives in hot tropical climates and water bodies. This tutorial is easy to follow in ten steps. Follow the steps and you’ll get a fantastic result.

How to draw a Hippopotamus

Step 1: Draw the Outlines for the Head and Torso

First, draw a circle around the head. Place the oval on top of the circle to indicate the body. These shapes should be placed in the middle of the paper.




Step 2: Draw the Front of Your Face

Start to form the muzzle. Begin by drawing a bump (there will also be an eye), then draw further towards the future nostrils. Round it and you’ll get the initial shape for the muzzle.




Step 3 – Draw the Eyes of a Hippo

Draw a line from your mouth to the head by underlining the outline of the muzzle. Two nostrils should be placed on the top of your muzzle. Also, place the point of your eyes in the middle of the head. At the top, place small ears.




Step 4: Draw the neck of the Hippopotamus

Draw a line down the neck to show how it is folded. To connect the head to the torso, draw a line along the bottom. Create folds. The same line should be drawn along the top.




Step 5: Draw the front legs of the Hippopotamus

To outline the contours of our adorable animal’s forelimbs, draw four lines in the space between the head & body. You will notice a gradual downward slope on each leg.




Step 6 – Draw Hippopotamus Nails

Use long, straight nails. We cannot see the exact location of the nails because they cover our fingers. Use the lines drawn in the previous steps to guide you.




Step 7 – Draw Hippopotamus’ hind legs

Draw a tail, and draw a line that runs along the body. Draw two powerful, short legs with protrusions at the back.




Step 8 – Draw Hippopotamus’ hind feet

We are now getting closer to the end. It is now time to draw the large, round hippo nails located on the hind legs.




Step 9 – Remove Extra Lines

You can now remove any construction lines from your drawing. They are not needed anymore. You can make the hippopotamus drawing more expressive by using clearer and darker lines.




Step 10 – Color the Hippopotamus

A hippo is most likely to choose a light gray color. Tones will be used to shade areas. Your drawing will look more realistic and vivid if you place a white highlight within the eye contour.




Your hippopotamus has now proven that he is a true African inhabitant. Make sure to check every line again and give them the best shape. There is no limit to your potential for perfection. As always, we are eager to hear your feedback. Please tell us what was difficult and how interesting it was for you to draw this animal.  How to Draw a Hyena


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