In this lesson , we’re going to teach how to draw the art of drawing the horse-hippogriff as a mystical creature known as it is a horse-griffin (while the griffin is the result of a cross between the lion and an Eagle). This fascinating and peculiar creature, which was featured in the stories that arose from the Middle Ages became especially popular when it was featured in a collection of books about Harry Potter.

Step 1
Let’s start with the unique skull of our strange creature. Utilizing circles and ovals, sketch your head, thorax, and pelvis. With the aid of simple lines, sketch out the neck spine, limbs, and wings.

Step 2
In the second stage in the second step, according to the custom, we’ll tackle the volume. The first step is to trace the neck and the torso of the Hippogriff. Then, add some bulk to the wings and limbs like in our illustration. Don’t forget that the hind and fore legs are distinct from each other.

Step 3
Beginning with this step, we’ll use dark and clear lines to create the final design. Once the components are drawn, we’ll remove any unnecessary guidelines from the previous two steps. We create a sharp beak as well as the eye of the Hippogriff.

Step 4
We continue drawing our hippogriff’s head. With short, clear strokes, trace out all the curves and contours around the neck and head. Make sure that the contours appear “fluffy”, as in our illustration.

Step 5
The next step is to draw the wings. With the help of long, smooth lines, precisely trace the outline that the wings will have. Then, using thin lines create the feathers on the wings. Be aware that the feathers on those edges must be larger than the rest.

Step 6
Let’s draw the forelimbs. Keep in mind that they’re like the paws of the eagle, and therefore should be drawn accordingly. The outline should be drawn of the paws by using lengthy fingers as well as sharp and curving claws.

Step 7
The next thing we’ll look at is part of the rear Hippogriff. The back, in contrast to the front, appears similar to the rear of the horse. So, draw the outline of the torso’s hind legs by using hooves. By using a variety of straight lines that are long and slightly curled, draw the tail. In addition, you should erase all lines and strokes.

Step 8
We reached the final part of the lesson on drawing a Hippogriff and the tradition is to draw shadows. This means that for darker shadows, we should employ dense hatching, as for light shadows we need light hatching.

The hippogriff is a well-known creature from medieval mythology. We are really excited to design drawing lessons on these creatures as well as other creatures from myths and myths. If you like the lesson you took part in, then write with us your thoughts about the lesson. If you have any feedback or suggestions for new drawing lessons, then let us know by leaving a comment.

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