In old Greek mythology, there are numerous diverse and unusual creatures. Some of them consist of two distinct creatures, like minotaurs and centaurs. If both of these creatures are well-known to all and everyone else, then a creature such as a hippocampus may not be well-known to many. As you can imagine this is why we will teach you the art of drawing the Hippocampus.

Step 1
Hippocampus is a creature that has an animal body as well as the tail of a fish. The first step is to sketch the head and the torso in the form of circles. With easy lines, sketch the legs, neck, and long curved tail.

Step 2
Draw the neck and the muzzle which will expand towards the chest. Then, draw the torso, which will turn into the long tail. Attach the extension to the legs. Finally, sketch out the large tail fin.

Step 3
We will now examine the hippocampus in detail. In this stage, we’ll have to sketch out an outline for the head and draw an eye mouth, and then remove any unnecessary lines on the head.

Step 4
Continue to draw a hippocampus head. In this case, we must create the ears. outline of the neck, and an elongated mane. Cut out all lines that are unnecessary and draw gills along the neck.

Step 5
Then, go to the chest and draw the lines of the spine and ribs as they emerge from underneath the skin. Take off the lines drawn through us at the initial step and the second.

Step 6
The next step is to draw the legs out and remove all unneeded guidelines we have drawn in the first two steps. Don’t forget to sketch out the form of the hooves and the muscles.

Step 7
With two long curved lines, draw an extended tail. Next, draw a big fin, then remove any unnecessary lines. The hippocampus drawing must appear tidy and clean, as illustrated in our illustration.

Step 8
Therefore, we only need to make shadows for the hippocamp to make the drawing completed. We usually say that to create beautiful shadows, make use of dense hatching.

The world is filled with legends and myths. At the time of the ancients, people believed in the existence of these creatures, but today they are the characters we find in various movies or books, as well as in games and books. We’ll be drawings of the most diverse characters from various myths and legends. If you be willing to share our lessons, we can develop these lessons more frequently.

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