Dear artists, this lesson will teach you how to draw a HIPPO  head.

Step 1
To draw the head of a hippo we must draw such a figure. The head is a triangle that has rounded corners and an open mouth. It can be drawn using a pair of curve lines. Sketch out a neck, and small ears.

Step 2
Continue the lesson on how to paint a hippo’s head. This is where we will need to draw large teeth and fold the skin on the neck.

Step 3
Gradually, we start to give our scheme a more hippopotamus appearance: draw nostrils and curve long cheeks. All unnecessary and redundant lines should be erased.

Step 4
Let’s make this drawing look more real by adding shadows. Let’s begin by darkening the mouth and leaving the teeth unstained. Then, use light shading to add shadows, as in the drawing.

This was a step-by-step drawing on how do you draw a hippo head. Keep coming back to our site often as we offer new drawing lessons every day.


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