How to Draw a Hippie Sunflower

How to Draw a Hippie Sunflower

Step one:

Draw a circle around the face and flower of the sunflower, and then draw the guidelines for the stem and leaves.

Step two:

Next, draw the shape of the hippie sun bucket hat.

Step three:

For the sunglasses, we will draw the face with a big W.

Step four:

Next, draw the flower’s center and then add the sunflower petals. Finally, smile. You can also add definition to the petals.

Step five:

Next, we will draw the thick, curvy stem.

Step six:

Finally, draw the large leaves that will be used as arms. You can add definition to your drawing and then correct any mistakes.

Step seven:

You’re done! You can now color this hippie sunflower with any shade you choose.

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