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How To Draw A Hippie Koala

How To Draw A Hippie Koala

Step one:

Another lesson that is easy to learn. Draw two bigger figures for body guides. Then draw the facial guidelines , as along with the arm guides and hand.

Step two:

Utilizing the head guide, draw out the Koala’s head. Include a full tuft of hair on high up on the head too.

Step three:

Then, we draw the ears large as you can see. Draw the circles inside each ear.

Step four:

Now, you can draw the oblong forms of your eyes. Color in the pupils, then draw the eyebrows that are raised.

Step five:

Now we will sketch the outline of the nose, which is also oblong and square. After you’ve drawn the nose, then you are able to sketch the mouth and teeth as well.

Step six:

Then we can sketch the figure. The koala appears to be dressed as an hippie, so you should draw a baggy tee and the sleeves must be long and baggy. One arm of the left is raised , and fingers are making an oath of peace. Give this Koala the chilliest necklace, with tiny mushrooms as an ornament.

Step seven:

Finally, we’ll draw the remainder of the body. This includes part of the belly, and the legs/thighs and feet. Remove any guides that are visible or mistakes.

Step eight:

You’re completed. You can now color your hippie Koala. I hope you enjoyed this lesson. If you did make sure to share, like and make a comment.

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