How To Draw A Hippie Goat

How To Draw A Hippie Goat

Step one:

Okay, here’s the basic guidelines and forms.

Step two:

With the head shape, sketch the form of the goat’s head and then draw the nose and mouth. It is also necessary to sketch the facial features on the face too.

Step three:

In this section, you’ll draw the shape of the eyes and then draw the unusually shaped pupils and then color the pupils in. Then, add the lengthy, bold eyelashes, and then draw the outline of the headband with flowers that hippie goats wear across the eyebrows.

Step four:

What you need to do is draw the beard of a goat and then draw the outline that is the shape of the head of the goat. You can also add more flower petals.

Step five:

Draw the outline of the neck of the goat, and draw in the details to it .

Step six:

The next step is to draw the huge spread out ears. Make sure the ears are defined and then you’re done .

Step seven:

In the final step, sketch out your length for the headband. Sketch in the details of all the flowers. Remove the mistakes, and the guide too.

Step eight:

You’re done. You can design a fun background, or anything else you’d like to. Make sure to share this, like, and share this lesson with friends and family.

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