How To Draw A Hippie Frog

How To Draw A Hippie Frog

Step one:

Begin every lesson with a set of the guidelines and shapes that create a an appropriate frame for your frog’s anatomy.

Step two:

Draw the outline of the frog’s face as well as head. Then, you can see the big circle-shaped eyes and the neck that is bulging.

Step three:

The mouthline will be drawn, and then draw the nasil holes.

Step four:

In the eyes, you’ll draw the pupils inside and color them with a solid color, leaving a glare inside. Once you’ve finished, make a t-shirt to match the form of the torso. Also, leave a few gaps to create the drum.

Step five:

Draw the frogs arms and hands , with the right hand representing the peace symbol. You can add some shading to the sleeves as well as detail around the eyes.

Step six:

It is now possible to draw the drum and add details on the sides of the drum as well.

Step even:

In the final drawing stage, all you have to draw is the feet and legs and the pants. The hippie frog sits in an Indian pose. The pant is shaded and then draw wrinkle lines along the bend. Clean up the mistakes and guide lines to make the work more tidy.

Step eight:

Here’s the line art once it is completed. You can now color your peace frog or hippie.

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