How to Draw a Hexagon

Drawing geometric shapes and figures is always fun. This tutorial will show you how to draw a hexagon. It is a polygon that has six equally straight sides and angles.

While drawing shapes may seem pretty easy, it requires immense AD

You can draw a horizontal and vertical intersecting line across your paper to ensure that the hexagon is drawn in the center of the paper.

The vertical line should be above the horizontal line at the middle and overlap with the side you are drawing.

Remember that the point at which the lines meet must be in the middle of the hexagon you are about to draw.

2nd Step:

To create the second side, start at the left end of the horizontal line that we have previously drawn.

3rd Step:

Draw a diagonal line right starting at the end of the diagonal line that we traced in the previous step.

You should now have three sides that are equal in length after you’ve completed this step.

4th Step:

From the point at which the diagonal line was drawn previously, draw a straight horizontal strip. This horizontal line is the bottom of the hexagon.

The top and bottom sides should be aligned perfectly. To make your hexagon drawing a success, pay attention to every detail!

5th Step:

To create the fifth side of the hexagon, start at the right end point on the hexagon’s bottom. Draw an upward diagonal line to the right.

Only the hexagon’s upper right side should be visible at this point.

6th Step:

To complete the hexagon figure, draw a diagonal left line across the empty space. Remember that the hexagon should be formed by straight lines of equal length.

A hexagon that fits perfectly within a circle is the best way to know if it was drawn correctly. This method can be used to ensure the accuracy of your drawing. After that, you can simply erase the circle.

7th Step:

To make the hexagon look cute, add facial features to the drawing.

To create a pair, draw two oval-shaped upright shapes on the top part of the polygon. To outline the iris, draw another small circle inside each eye. To complete the eye look, you can shade the eyes beyond the small circle. This will create dramatic “gleaming eyes”.

8th Step:

To make the hexagon look happy, draw an upward-curved line at the bottom of the polygon. It is so happy!

9th Step:

On each side of the hexagon, draw a sideways oval. These shapes should be drawn below your eyes but not directly underneath them.

These shapes create an animated “blushing effect”, which is a blushing effect on the hexagon’s facial expression.

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