How to draw a Heron Step by Step || Bird Drawing

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

How to Draw A Chickadee Bird Step by Step

Step 1

Begin by drawing a curve for the top of your head and a protrusion to make the beak.

Step 2

Add a line to the mouth and a dot to the eyes. To make the dot black, color it.

Step 3

Next, draw two “S” shapes for the long neck. The Great Blue Heron will swallow their entire food and choke if they aren’t careful.

Step 4

Draw two lines that are curved from one another for the body. Leave some room at the bottom to accommodate the legs. To give shape to the wings, the top line should be rounded at the tip.

Step 5

To draw the legs, draw two lines that extend to the bottom.

Step 6

Add the second leg to the first, and ensure that the toes are long.

Step 7

Draw a round cone for the tail with a bump just below the hind legs.

Step 8

For the wings, draw a second round cone. Make small bumps on its underside to add feathers.

Step 9

For feather patterns on the wings and torsos, use straight lines. A few feather patterns can be added to the head. For herons, you can use dark green and yellow for their beaks.

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