How To Draw A Hermione Granger -

How To Draw A Hermione Granger

How To Draw A Hermione Granger

Although the Harry Potter series is relatively new in the history of beloved classic children’s books, it is undoubtedly the most loved of all time.

Fans of this series of books are enjoying it.

Harry’s best friend and one of his most beloved characters, Hermione Granger, is one of Harry’s most loved characters.

Hermione Granger has become a beloved character. Learning how to draw her is a great way to express your love for her.

This tutorial is perfect for fans of this amazing character!

Get ready to have some magic drawing fun with this 6-step guide on how you can draw Hermione Granger!

1st Step:

Her bushy, long hair is one of the most distinctive visual characteristics of this character. In this step, we will begin our guide on how draw Hermione Granger.

First, we will draw her fringe across her forehead. We will draw the fringe using curved lines with pointy tips.

We will draw her hairstyle by drawing a line connecting the curved lines at her top.

We will use wavy lines that drop down to the ends, ending in pointy tips for the sides. This will give hair more volume and texture.

We can now move on to step 2.

2nd Step:

As you can see, the style that we will use for this Hermione Grandger drawing will be cartoony and cute.

We will now draw her facial details. For her facial outline, first draw some curves.

Next, draw large, round shapes for her eyes. Then add pointy lines that extend from them for her eyelashes. For her pupils, add some circular shapes to the eye outlines.

Next, we will draw some lines around her nose, mouth, and eyebrows. Next, wrap her scarf in a striped knot around her neck.

3rd Step:

Students of Hogwarts, the magical school of Harry Potter, will wear robes in the Harry Potter series.

This is what we will be drawing in the step. Refer to our guide on drawing Hermione granger.

Draw the sleeves of her robe using curving lines. The sleeves will be shorter at the base and wider at the ends.

The front of your robe will be joined near the top by some straps. After that, it will be split.

You can draw the skirt of her skirt behind the split of the dress before you go to step 4.

4th Step:

In Harry Potter’s universe, broomsticks are a very popular accessory.

They are not used for cleaning but are instead used to zip through the air.

In this section of your Hermione Granger drawing, we will show her holding one these broomsticks.

We will draw the handle of the broomstick that is long and thin. The end of the broomstick will be drawn, but not yet.

Last, add her legs. These legs should be short and squat, with small feet at their ends to match the style.

You will then be ready to go for the final details and elements of the next step in the guide!

5th Step:

The fifth step in will see you add the bristly end to the broomstick you started in the previous step.

You can draw the outline with a few slightly curved lines. Then, you can add similar curved lines to your interior.

As it creates individual bristles, the more you have the better.

Once you have finished the broomstick, it is time to move on to the final step. You can add any extra details before you finish this step.

You could also draw a background to highlight your favorite Harry Potter moment or scene. What will you do to finish this amazing picture?

6th Step:

We showed you in our example image the colors that Hermione Granger is often associated with in both the movies and books.

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