How to Draw A Helicopter

The drawing of the helicopter could be used as wall art in a room for boys or as a way to improve the drawing collection that any child. But drawing an Airplane and helicopters isn’t an easy task. A helicopter has lots of tiny parts that you must understand its basic design to be able to draw it accurately.

The difficulty is in communicating precise proportions of the parts that make up the helicopter. Another problem is how to sketch a helicopter’s tail as well as blades. The lines have to remain straight, symmetrical and straight which is why you should employ the ruler. In this course we’ll learn the steps for draw an aircraft in a step-by-step manner.

How to Draw A Helicopter Step-By-Step

1st Step:

Illustration on the body of the helicopter. Start with the fundamental sketches of the helicopter’s body. Create a big oval to represent your helicopter’s body. Then simply draw a small circle that will serve as the cockpit of the helicopter. You should leave enough room on the paper to allow enough space to draw the blades and tail on the aircraft.

How to Draw A Helicopter

2nd Step:

Draw the tail of the helicopter. The next step is to draw the other components of your helicopter. The first thing you have to draw is the tail of the helicopter. It is important not to make the tail too small or long. Its tail must be just a bit shorter than the body’s contours. This is where you must outline the top of the rotor blades of the helicopter.

How to Draw A Helicopter

3rd Step:

A front view of the helicopter. You now need to draw the other parts of the helicopter, using as much precision as you can. Begin by drawing the nose of the helicopter before securing of the blades. Sketch the windows in front of the cockpit as well as air intake openings and the shaft bearing of the blades. Eliminate the contour lines.

How to Draw A Helicopter

4th Step:

The windows and doors that the helicopter has. If the drawings you made in your previous steps were fairly precise and precise, the subsequent development of the drawing of your helicopter is likely to be fairly simple. You’ll need to add a few more details including windows that have rounded doors like in the plane cabin.

How to Draw A Helicopter

5th Step:

The rotor blades on the helicopter. This is the time to eliminate all lines that are unnecessary from your sketch. You now need include rotor blades the outline of your helicopter. This isn’t an easy task, so make use of the ruler. Make sure to draw small blades onto the tail. After that, work on the remaining specifics.

How to Draw A Helicopter

6th Step:

Color Your Helicopter drawing. Once your helicopter’s drawing is completed Let’s color it either in the style of a civilian or military. Helicopters for passengers can come with diverse color palettes, whereas military helicopters are limited to an element of military. For instance, this could be camouflage colors. Three colors are required to color camouflage.

How to Draw A Helicopter If you’re using watercolors apply the paint with easy circular movements. If you’d like, draw a pilot’s face in the cockpit of the helicopter. You could draw a helicopter through the blue sky over the sea or mountain scenery. It’s best for you to make the mountain in a smaller size like if you imagine the helicopter in flight over the ground.


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