How to Draw a Hedgehog

Today, we’ll show you how to draw the hedgehog. This fascinating animal is well-known to children because it is the one most commonly used in cartoons and books for children. Hedgehogs are usually portrayed as being kind, naive, and defenseless. They do have needles, which are a valuable weapon against an enemy.


How to Draw a Hedgehog

Step 1 – Sketch the basics

First, draw a large rectangle and then add a small circle. This will determine the proportion of the hedgehog’s head and body. It looks like the outline for a large bug.




Step 2: Draw the Muzzle’s Front

The muzzle of the hedgehog is long and elongated. Draw an elongated shape, and place it on the left side of the head. Draw a line from the mouth using a slash.




Step 3: Draw the eyes and nose of the hedgehog

Draw a round nose and oval eyes. The peculiarities of the angle can make the shape of your eyes very different, as you can see.




Step 4 – Draw the Ears of the Hedgehog

Continue drawing details of the head for this adorable hedgehog. Next, draw small, rounded ears. To outline the outer parts, use flowing lines and rounded curves.




Step 5 – Draw your Front Paws

Draw the front legs for our hedgehog. These are very short and thin legs with rounded toes. Only use straight lines.




Step 6 – Draw your hind leg

Draw the hind leg for our hedgehog. Because of the perspective and peculiarities of the pose, only one leg can be seen. It has bent in the shape of a right angle. Remember to include rounded fingers.




Step 7 – Draw your first layer of Needles

The boundaries of the area to be covered by needles should be marked. As in the example, draw a few oblique lines.




Step 8 – Draw the second layer of Needles

Make a second layer of the needles. It should be located within the previous layer. Pay attention to the position and direction of the new lines relative to the lines that were previously drawn.




Step 9 – Draw the Third & Fourth Layers of Needles

Two more layers of needles are needed. You should then fill the entire body of your hedgehog with needles.




Step 10 – Draw the last layers of Needles

Now draw the needles. Continue drawing layers of needles to fill in the middle of your torso. This should result in something similar:




Step 11 – Delete the Guidelines

It’s now time to give your hedgehog a fresh, clean look. Use an eraser to remove all unnecessary lines. Next, trace the sketch with a pencil or marker. Make the lines darker and sharper.




Step 12 – Color the Hedgehog

For coloring the hedgehog, use brown shades. Pay particular attention to the light highlights within the eyes. The needles should appear like lines on a dark background with light highlights.




Well, our hedgehog looks great! This is yet another addition to your gallery. Are there any needles or few? Take a close look at the drawing to see the tough moments.
We are open to new ideas.

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