Hello dear artists. We don’t often teach how to draw things for interior use. Today, we have decided to teach you about the most important and necessary to have in your home: a heating radiator. The question is, how to draw the outline of a heat radiator? Read this article to discover how.

Step 1
All of our lessons even the most difficult ones, start with simple geometric patterns This lesson will be no different. The first thing we have to draw outlines of the vast rectangular shape using straight lines.

Step 2
The next step is to sketch two pipe connectors that are located at both ends part of the radiator. With the aid of straight lines draws the various sections on the side of the radiator.

Step 3
An extremely difficult step in the course on drawing the heating radiator. In this case, we need to draw the radiator using very precise lines, and then remove any unnecessary rules.

Step 4
In order to make the drawing appear flat, you will require shadows. Take the pencil with more ease and draw shadows in the manner shown in our illustration. You can clearly see that the heater radiator illustration has grown more extensive.

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