How to draw a heart

a heart is not a difficult shape to draw. But learning how to draw a perfect heart, with perfect symmetry is a little more tricky. As with all of our drawing tutorials, we use a range of simple construction shapes to lay down the foundations of the drawing, before we create the final outline. 

I’m sure most of you have been drawing hearts, or cutting them out of paper, for as long as you can remember. We’ve all drawn a million hearts in our lifetime. We all know how to draw a heart. But today we’ll learn how to draw a prefect heart.

Whether it’s added to the end of our signature on a greeting card, or part of a larger drawing. We’ve drawn them a countless number of times.

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But what about the times when it really matters and you can’t seem to get it to look quite right. I’m here for you.

Today you’ll learn how to draw a heart perfectly every time. And you’ll also learn how to draw 3D candy hearts, just for the fun of it.

How to Draw a Heart Step by Step

Begin by making a straight vertical line through where you want to have the middle of the heart (as shown in green). Draw it in pencil and keep it fairly light so it can be easily erased later.

The purpose of this line is to act as a guide to help you see if both halves of the heart are even in width.

Next to one side of the guide line draw the first half of the heart (as shown in the example). Be sure to do this in pencil also. If your line doesn’t look right simply erase and start again.

The beginning is simple. Draw a heart shape. Simple isn’t it? Make as many lines as you feel necessary.

Once you are happy with how the first half of the heart looks you can add the second one. This should basically be a mirror of the first one. Other than being flipped over try and get it’s shape as similar to the first half as you can so that the heart looks nice and even on both sides.

To make the drawing look a little more interesting you can also give it a couple of highlights. These will make the heart appear a bit more three dimensional and shiny.

You can outline the highlights with a red pencil to make it easier to color around them and to make sure they blend into the surrounding color.

Make the highlight to the side larger and the one closer to the middle smaller. You can also shade them a very light pink. An easy way to do this is to again use a red pencil and go over them very lightly.

Heart Drawing Pictures




This is a very simple and easy tutorial that can be fun for just about anyone. If you enjoyed it and would like to try a few more like see the following:

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