How to Draw a Heart With a Arrow Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How To Draw Herobrine from Minecraft Easy

Step 1

Begin with an egg to create your shape. This will be the heart. Once you’re done, draw an oblique line to the middle, and then an oblique line on the left and right sides of the design.

Step 2

Utilizing the vertical line in the middle to guide you, start drawing your heart starting from the middle, about one-third of the way. If you draw it correctly you’ll end up with an ideal heart shape.

Step 3

It’s now time to draw the arrow’s root as shown here. It will appear like a stick that is piercing the heart. To highlight the piercing make an indentation on the outside of your heart. make the lining darker around the base of the rod.

Step 4

What you have to do you need to draw the feather near the point of the arrow. Next, draw an arrowhead triangular. Then, add some details and then erase the basic principles and forms you created in the first step.

Step 5

Here’s a beautiful and neatly finished sketch of a heart, with the arrows. Detail, color or even add any additional elements if you like. Great job!

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