In this class, we will teach students how you can draw the rose heart. It’s basically an elongated rosebud that is the shape of a heart, however when you want to draw it properly, you have to exert an effort. It is also important to learn how to draw the rosebud.

In this article, we’ll show you not just the steps to draw a rose heart but we will also provide helpful tips to make your drawing more convincing and authentic.

Step 1

The first step is to draw the outline of the heart of a rose. As you can observe, this geometrical design is made up of two simple curly linear lines that are symmetrical.



Step 2

Then sketch the outline of flower petals. Don’t try to create the petals a perfect appearance since in this stage you must draw the petals’ outline and shape.

Step 3

With lighter and clearer lines, draw the outline of the outside petals, as seen in the picture. The petals’ outlines are supposed to be curly.

Step 4

Next, using the same dark, clear and wavy lines, trace the inner petals. The inner petals of the heart should be smaller than the petals that surround it.

Step 5

Then, using the eraser, carefully erase all unwanted lines that were drawn in the first part of the drawing lesson. The lines of the drawing of the rose heart more clear and darker.

The tutorial on drawing rose hearts has ended and, as you see, it’s not as complicated as you think, or as you observe, this is actually a modified rosebud.

Remember that you can keep the design as it was in our previous step or alter it or add some extra details. For instance, you could create stunning ribbons or branching stems that have sharp, thorny thorns.


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