How To Draw A Heart Grenade

How To Draw A Heart Grenade

Step one:

The first step is create a heart then move on to step 2.

Step two:

The top portion of the heart shape , you will color it in four parts. The two first ones are the largest and are the hearts’ humps. Color and draw the last pieces, too.

Step three:

Next, draw further sections using space between the sections. The shapes must be angled to create the circular pop-out effect.

Step four:

Additional layers are required, and then, color in the forms.

Step five:

Almost done people. In this stage, all you need be able to draw four additional shapes, and this time with smaller dimensions. Fill in the shapes and you’re done.

Step six:

Color and draw the heart’s tip form like this.

Step seven:

Now you’re done. Now , you are able to draw the detonator as well in the pin, which is designed to look like an elongated ring. Remove any mistakes if you’ve made any.

Step eight:

Here’s the heart grenade to throw when you’re finished. Color it in a different shade , if you prefer.

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