We believe that everyone is able to draw a heart at the very least once throughout their life. Also take note of the fact that when we talk about the heart drawn we usually imagine an imaginary heart, not a real heart that has all the valves and blood vessels. Let’s get to drawing a tutorial about the art of drawing hearts easily.

Step 1
The heart ought to be proportional and smooth So, to start sketching an easy vertical line.

Step 2
Let’s draw the lines we sketched in our illustration.

Step 3
With the aid of two curly lines (similar to McDonald’s emblem), we sketch the upper portion of the heart.

Step 4
Following the lines drawn in the previous step draw the lower section of the heart. The lines connect at the base of the vertical line.

Step 5
We now take an eraser, and we erase all other guidelines, to allow our heart’s drawing to be precise and beautiful.

Our very simple drawing lesson on the art of drawing hearts easily is done We hope that all of our readers even the youngest can draw this simple drawing. Of course, there is a chance that the lesson was too simple for you and you’d like something more complex. If this is the case, look through our other articles, and we believe you’ll discover a drawing lesson that is to your liking.

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