How to Draw a Hat -

How to Draw a Hat

How to Draw a Hat team loves drawing clothes. Our readers love drawing clothes too. Today, we will show you how to draw a hat. This is a very common and old piece of clothing. This artwork will make a great addition to the jeans and boots. The guide for drawing a hat is very easy, just like all of the other instructions. It will also include a series of elementary stages. All new lines will be described in red.


Step 1

Let’s begin at the top of your hat and depict it as a figure. In the beginning, don’t try to make lines too dark or clear.



Step 2

Now, draw the brim of your hat as a large oval. This stage should be light and transparent.



Step 3

Let’s make our sketch look more like a hat drawing. This is done by drawing the band that separates the top and brim of the hat.



Step 4

Put the pencil down and get an eraser. Use the eraser to clean the artwork and draw the folds on the front of the hat.



Step 5

Draw a bow on the side of the hat. The bow should be placed on the third stage band. Add folds to your bow.



Step 6

Use an eraser to clean up any traces left in the hat drawing. Trace the artwork using a darker pencil, ink, or pen to make it more sharp, dark, and pleasing to the eye.



Step 7

The hat can be painted in any color you like. The sand color was chosen for the hat and the band. However, you can also paint the hat in any color.



It was easy to follow the tutorial for drawing a hat. You might also be interested in learning how to draw other clothing items. You might be interested in other articles in the Clothing category at

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