Harpies are among the most well-known characters from diverse games of the genre of RPG like Gothic in The Elder Scrolls. Harpy, in antiquated Greek mythology, is a bird-woman with an unattractive appearance, a symbol of many elements of the storm. This lesson aims to teach how to draw the art of drawing a Harpy.

Step 1
Before you begin, sketch how the head is shaped by the harpy. Then sketch the chest, spine, and pelvis. At the end of this step, draw the outline of the legs as well as the long wings, instead of arms.

Step 2
Draw two lines along the face, to help us draw the finer details on the head. Then, draw the outline of the lower edges and the wings. Then, we carefully sketch out the outline of the torsos of the large bird legs.

Step 3
Beginning with this step, we’ll draw the details. Draw the nose, eyes, and mouth wide-opening of the harpy by using lines that intersect from prior steps.

Step 4
With the aid of long, flowing lines, draw the hairs of a harpy. Then, we draw out the outline of the torso. It expands strongly in the area of the waist.

Step 5
Moving even further, draw large enough legs for the Harpy. Draw long fingers carefully using sharp claws and a feathered tail.

Step 6
Let’s now move on to the wings of the harpy. Draw the feathers on the top row using simple and straight lines.

Step 7
Create two more rows of feathers along the wings. Be aware that the feathers on the lower row are the ones that should be the biggest. In the event that your Harpy drawing is like ours, then continue drawing shadows.

Step 8
By using hatching with different intensities and drawing shadows over the areas that are least lit on your body Harpy. Also, paint the hair of the Harpy like in our illustration.

In this lesson, we showed how to draw the art of drawing the”harpy“. Harpies are among the most violent and ugly characters from Greek mythology. But they aren’t the only mythical creature. We’re keen to draw lots of other characters. In order to not miss this drawing lesson, be sure to subscribe to us on social media and check our website frequently as you can.

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