Hello everybody. If you frequent our site, perhaps you are already able to draw clothes, pants, and T-shirts. What about learning how to draw hangers? Let’s begin this drawing class.

Step 1
This is an easy drawing lesson. Therefore, you must first draw two lines in our illustration.

Step 2
In the final step, we traced an edge on the bottom of our hanger. This time is the edges drawn in our illustration.

Step 3
An easy step that involves drawing an arc and one line that divides the hanger into two parts.

Step 4
Draw a straight horizontal bar that joins the two ends of your hanger.

It was a very easy drawing lesson on the art of drawing hangers step-by-step. We hope that the lesson was not only easy but also instructive and helpful. We also hope you’ll join us on social media and help us share our drawing lessons with your friends.


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