Hello everybody. In the past, we sketched the outline of a Hammer as well as the Jackhammer as well as the drill. Today, we decided to carry on the subject of lessons on creating tools. We created an exercise on drawing a handsaw.

Step 1 In the first place, using straight lines that are clear and straight We draw an odd shape as in our illustration.

Step 2 In the same way, using straight lines to draw the handles of our handsaw.

Step 3 Then, draw the hole inside the handle that is in the shape of an oval. Additionally, draw the screws on the handle.

Step 4 Utilizing a zigzag line, trace the cutting edge that the saw uses. Remove all lines that are not needed and also add shadows and glare.

This was a lesson on drawing a handsaw. It is important to note that the lesson and all articles are available not just on our site as well as on our social media channels. Also, do not forget to join them and share your comments regarding 3dvkarts.

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