How to Draw a Hamster

The domesticated small rodent hamster is often kept as a pet. The hamster’s short tail, small ears, and stubby legs are what make them stand out from other rodents.

The hamster is a popular choice for a pet house because of its adorable features and cleverness.

This is why many people find hamsters so fascinating to draw.

We have made a step-by–step tutorial to help you draw a hamster.

This tutorial has 9 steps and simple illustrations. It makes drawing hamsters a lot simpler!

Have fun drawing cute little Hamsters!

1st Step:

Draw an irregular shape on your paper. This will create an outline for the head of the hamster.

Did you know that hamsters often stuff food on their cheeks in order to transport the food to their sleeping areas?

Their cheeks are very large, which allows them to store lots on their cheeks. When drawing the face of a hamster, be sure to highlight its cheeks!

Refer to reference lines: Draw a horizontal and vertical line intersecting the center of the drawing so that the hamster is drawn in its proper place.

The spot you should draw your head’s outline is marked by the vertical line just above the horizontal.

2nd Step:

Below the hamster’s skull, draw another irregular circular shape. This is the body of your hamster. The body of the hamster should be connected directly to the head. Additionally, the body should be slightly larger than the head.

Avoid pressing down too hard when drawing the outline for the body. You should use light strokes to draw the outline. This will allow you to easily erase lines that you no longer require later.

3rd Step:

Draw a slight curve along each side of your hamster’s lower back. This creates the hamster’s folded, chubby legs.

Use an eraser to remove any lines that may be overlapping in the right leg.

4th Step:

Draw a small foot and three paws underneath each leg.

Note that the hamster’s left side is facing the left. Therefore, the left foot must be placed sideways and the right should be straight.

5th Step:

Draw a semicircle at the top of the hamster’s head. This creates the left ear for the hamster.

6th Step:

Then repeat the previous step, but this time on the other side of the head. This will create the right ear for the hamster.

This should be the end of this step.

7th Step:

Draw an elongated form with a circle at each end. This will create the arms and hands for the hamster.

The illustration shows that the hamster’s arms are on its front, crossing over its chest.

8th Step:

To make your animal drawings more realistic, you need to include details and patterns. This is the step we will be working on.

From the top to the bottom, draw an oval-shaped line inside each ear paralleling its shape. This gives the impression of the inner or inner ears.

Next, draw multiple curved lines on each hand to separate the fingers of the hamster.

9th Step:

Create the facial features of your hamster to complete the look. The expression and emotion of the hamster or any other character will be determined by how you draw their facial features.

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