How to Draw a Hammer

This tutorial will teach you how to draw a hammer. The team at made it as easy and simple as possible.

Drawing a hammer is a lesson that will require a lot of straight lines. These lines can be drawn with a ruler but we recommend you not use them. This will help to improve your ability to draw straight lines.


How to draw a Hammer

Step 1

Let’s begin drawing a hammer. First, draw a long handle. First, draw the top and bottom lines, then connect them by drawing a vertical line.




Step 2

Let’s now draw the head of the Hammer. Begin by drawing the portion of the head that will fit against the handle using a curve line.




Step 3

Draw the top of the head using a slightly curving line. This part of the head should be smooth and taper towards the top.




Step 4

Draw the lower part of the hammerhead. The face is the part that is used to drive the nail into the surface.




Step 5

Take a look at your hammer drawing and compare it to an example by Fix any mistakes. To give your hammer drawing a more precise and complete look, trace it.




Step 6

The handle was brown and the head was gray. To make the hammer drawing more vivid, we also used shadows and highlights.




Today, every company has its own version of the most basic and familiar products. You can draw a different hammer by following the steps.

You can, for example, try drawing a hammer that has a longer handle and a straighter head.

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