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3dvkarts is your home! Today’s lesson is on an autumn theme. As you can see from the preview, we will be drawing a pumpkin for Halloween. This colorful, beautiful holiday was first reserved for the Western world. But now, Halloween is a global celebration.

Let’s get back to the pumpkin. This isn’t just a pumpkin. According to an Irish legend, the ack-o-lantern was a pumpkin with a carved head. We now move on to how to draw a Halloween pumpkin.

Step 1
Our pumpkin is drawn with a flattened circular shape. It is possible to draw a pumpkin that is not just round, but also oval.

Step 2
The pumpkin is the real face. These lines are used in all lessons that involve drawing a human face. Although we are now learning how to draw Halloween pumpkins, you will still need to follow all the rules for drawing a human face. Draw a vertical line of facial harmony – this will divide the pumpkin into equal parts and the horizontal lines of the eyes.

Step 3
Draw facial features. Keep in mind that the lines are very rough due to the pumpkin pulp. The nose is shaped like a triangle and the eyes look like half circles.

Step 4
Now you can see a lesson that teaches you how you draw a pumpkin. We now move on to the next step. First, outline the tail of your pumpkin. Next, draw lines that divide the huge fruit into smaller sections.

Step 5
Continue to draw segments on the pumpkin. The lobes should be rounded and parallel to each other. This lesson can be used to help you draw a pumpkin bomb for Green Goblin or Hobgoblin.

Step 6
The shadows are added in the last stage. This should be done using light hatching. These lines should be roughly equal in distance. The stem should have slightly curving shadows and light shadows at the top and bottom. To create luminescence, move the shadows from the outside inwards.

This lesson was about drawing a pumpkin head for Halloween. It was prepared by 3dvkarts artists. To learn more about drawing, visit our Facebook, Google Plus, and Pinterest groups!


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