How to Draw a Halloween Candle

How to Draw a Halloween Candle

Step one:

Like any other first step, you’ll need to sketch out the outline for the candles. When drawing burning candles , the liner should have layers of wax running down the stem. For candles with longer durations, the layers of wax that are melted should be longer and for candles with shorter lengths, the layers of wax should be smaller and more closely spaced. They should look as if they’re making a layered melty blob of wax.

Step two:

You’ll draw in a few drips of dried melt wax. When you’re done , you can move on to step three.

Step three:

If you’re using leaves as your basis and you want to begin sketching out your outline for each leaf at the back and a couple of them in front, as the front.

Step four:

Draw the remainder on the foliage. You can observe, they are also stacked or layered on top of each other. After all the leaves have been drawn into and the top of the candle is completed, you can begin drawing all the definitions and details on the leaf.

Step five:

Then you should draw the wick and burn. Remove any mistakes, if you have made any.

Step six:

It’s your final piece. After you’re done, you can begin planning the background, whether you’d like one or start selecting the colors you’d like to apply to add some life to your sketch.

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