Dear readers, thank you for joining us in the drawing instruction on drawing the Halberd! Halberd is a type of polearm that has a mixed tip. It consists of a needle (round or faceted) spear point and an axe blade that is an ax for battle, with a sharp butt. It was in army arsenals of the infantry from many European nations in the XIII – early XVII century.

Step 1
First draw straight horizontal lines for the pole, as we did in the above example.

Step 2 Draw a second line and join it to the line drawn from the earlier step using sort lines until you get the pole.

Step 3
As we mentioned earlier, the halberds’ tip is merged. In this process, we draw the upper section by using a sharp spike.

Step 4
Draw the lower portion of the halberd that looks like an axe used in battle.

Step 5
Make the tips glazier with the help of small hatches and shadows using the standard hatching.

Halberd is among the most famous weaponry in that time period, the Middle Ages, along with morning star, flail, and two-handed greatswords.

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