Hello dear artists. We have been drawing different items to help with hair care like hair irons, haircut clippers, comb, and electric razors. You can check out the pictures below we decided to carry on the theme and created an instructional video on drawing the hair iron.

Step 1
In the beginning, then, we draw two long things, as shown in our illustration. On one side, they should be sharply rounded. Make straight lines.

Step 2
Create straight and light lines to the figures drawn in the previous step, to form lines around the edge of your hair iron. Draw the back on the iron.

Step 3
Draw a rectangle near the top (this is precisely the area where hair gets straightened). Draw buttons and a portion from the wire.

Step 4
Let’s transform our hair iron design an even more vibrant. With short, but precise strokes, we can add shadows and glare to the face of our iron.

It was a straightforward but valuable tutorial on drawing the hair iron. This lesson taught the steps to draw an iron for hair step-by-step. Do you like these simple tutorials on self-care items? If so then, on our website there is plenty of things to learn about. Write what you would like to draw on the search form and you’ll surely discover what you’re seeking. We would be extremely happy if you take this course and follow us on social media. with us to our social media.


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