We would like to welcome everyone to our drawing lesson on drawing the hair dryer. We designed this lesson in a unique way for us. We did not employ pre-planned actions (as when we created the course on hair clippers). Instead, we draw the lines in a single step (as with a haircut clipper) We made the drawing at once, using dark and clear lines.

Step 1
First, draw the outline of the structure of the hair dryer, as depicted in our example.

Step 2
Then, using a pair of curving lines, draw the outline on the hairdryer’s handle.

Step 3
Below we draw the handle’s bottom and a small portion of the wire (you can draw the whole wire, too).

Step 4
Draw a grille to the front, along with control buttons as well as lines that design the hairdryer’s body.

Step 5
We now must make our drawing more detailed. In order to do this, we’ll employ hatching (as we have always done).

Today, we demonstrated the drawing process for hair dryers. If you liked this tutorial, check out the section “Easy drawing” on our site.

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