On our site, there are an extensive collection of tutorials on various items. We decided today to carry on the theme and created an instructional video on drawing the Hair clipper.

Step 1
First, sketch out the shape of the body of the hair clipper using thin lines.

Step 2
In the front, we draw a shaver’s head. On the reverse, we draw wire.

Step 3
Make sure you carefully remove the small blades from the shaving head as well as the long teeth of the comb.

Step 4
Below the shaver’s head, draw the switch. The bottom of the switch should be drawn using clear and dark lines.

Step 5
The top faces wire, design lines as well as the design of hair clips as illustrated in our example.

Step 6
Then, with the help of hatching, we draw shadows in order to create a haircut clipper drawings an authentic and vibrant appearance.

Today, we demonstrated the drawing process for the haircut clipper. We’re working difficult to make more drawing tutorials. Every day our lessons get more and more effective, and it is your responsibility to assist us in our efforts to continue to improve. It is all you need to do is subscribe to our social media and share your top lessons with your friends.


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