how to draw a guy

If you’ve read the following lines, then you’d like to know the art of drawing a male. The team at will teach you how in just eleven easy steps and all the latest lines that we have painted red and then came up with clear and simple explanations.

So, take your favorite art supplies, go to the page to the bottom and begin the instructions on drawing the figure of a man.


Step 1

Let’s begin drawing a man from a Skeleton. In the beginning, draw the chest, head, and pelvis as a series of ovals that differ in size. Connect these areas with the backbone’s line and draw simple lines to show the parts of the limbs.




Step 2

Then draw a cross, with the center precisely in the middle of your body. Then, draw a cylinder neck that connects the pelvis and chest to create the appearance of a body.




Step 3

With four figures that are cylindrical, draw the upper legs. Utilizing four balls, illustrate the elbow and shoulder joints. Then sketch hands. Draw the hands using loose and light lines.




Step 4

Then, draw the thighs and shins using more pronounced circles. Next, you can draw the knees in the shape made of 2 balls. After this step, draw the feet.



Step 5

Let’s begin to draw a face. facial features. First, draw eru eyes and then move down a bit and create a nostril and depict the mouth using just a stroke. Make sure to include the jaw.



Step 6

Along the side of your head, draw on the sides of your head, draw ears, and the ears, that you’ll learn in the instructional that is the same. Then, draw your haircut.



Step 7

Then, using straight lines, draw the outline of the T-shirt, which protects the torso and upper arms. Don’t forget to draw the folds.



Step 8

With the aid of smooth lines draws your arms to make them fully and smooth. At the same time sketch the hands using fingers.



Step 9

Draw the legs using gentle lines. Remember to draw folds in the ankles and knees. Then, draw the soles and lacing, which completes the design of your sneaker.



Step 10

Remove all the lines that are auxiliary to the drawing of the man. Then, you can add folds on the T-shirt as well as the jeans as well as pockets, and the fly.



Step 11

In the final stage, we’ll typically work with the colors. Utilizing the color palette supplied by the artists at or your own palette, draw the character.



This is all my dear artists! The instructions on drawing one of your characters ended. We are looking for your feedback on this guideline and on overall. Send us your feedback and suggestions. We will review all your feedback and will respond to a lot of them.

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