Dear musicians and artists. We are often asked to show you the art of drawing the guitar. The team from made an accurate illustration of a guitar however, to ensure that all of our readers could master it, our artists broke down the instruction into seven simple steps each one of which is composed of simple lines and an easy description.

Step 1
The first step is to draw two ovals, one big and one that is slightly smaller. This is the base of the guitar drawing. In addition, the initial steps must be drawn using very gentle lines.

Step 2
From the center of the small oval, we sketch a large rectangle that represents the guitar’s neck. Then, at the top of the rectangle, draw the headstock.

Step 3
By using two curved lines connect two ovals that you created in the initial stage. In the lower left part of the guitar’s body, draw a curve. Be sure to keep the straight lines as clean as possible.

Step 4
Utilizing dark and clear lines sketch out the guitar. Create your sound hole. The guitar drawing must be neat and beautiful, as shown in the image below.

Step 5
Draw the side of the guitar, as illustrated in our illustration to make your drawing more three-dimensional. Draw the bridge and tuning pegs.

Step 6
With long, straight, and dark lines, draw the strings of your guitar’s drawing. By drawing short lines, you can draw the markers for the position as well as circles to sketch out the strings.

Step 7
We’ve reached the final step, which is where by using thick and clear hatching, we’ll create shadows in order in order to make our sketch on our guitar more depth.

The class on drawing the guitar was over. We believe this lesson was straightforward enough and you can master it. However, you write us your feedback and wishes, and be sure to subscribe to us on our social networks. has pages on nearly every well-known social network including Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. On these pages, we not only publish announcements of our upcoming drawing classes as well as intriguing artworks by our artists.

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