How to Draw a Gryphon For Beginners

How to Draw a Gryphon For Beginners

Strep 1:

Draw the outline for the head, body and wings.

Step 2:

Draw the mouth and beak of the gryphon.

Step 3:

Also, create the eyes and stare. The dimple is for the nasal cavity.

Step 4:

Start by creating the feathered neck and the eagle-shaped head.

Step 5:

The gryphon’s back can be tackled by drawing its legs and feet/talons.

Step 6:

Finish the head, draw the ear, and then draw the body’s front.

Step 7:

Start by shaping the wings as you would see them.

Step 8:

Make the other wing.

Step 9:

Add the last step, and you will get the lion-like tail. You can correct any mistakes you make now.

Step 10:

This is all you need to draw a gryphon. I hope you had a lot of fun.

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