How to Draw a Grizzly

This tutorial will show you how to draw a Grizzly. This large animal is a national symbol for many cultures. Grizzly is a popular character that you will see in cartoons or comics.

How to Draw a Grizzly

Step 1 – Make the base

First, draw three circles. This looks somewhat like a snowman standing horizontally. Pay close attention to the locations of the middle and first circles.




Step 2: Draw the facial features

Second, draw the basic outline of the nose and eyes. One line is used to form the eye and nose closest to us. It has several bends.




Step 3: Draw the contours of your ears

Add the shapes of the nose and ears to the equation. Because of the unique angles, the contours of the inner ears are different.




Step 4 – Draw the contours of your front paws

You can draw powerful, large front paws. First, draw straight lines along the outline and then use short strokes such as this illustration. You can also see the distortion caused by the angle: the right paw appears wider than the left.




Step 5 – Add the Paw Toes

Draw claws and fingers. Make paw pads by drawing lines at wide angles. It is possible to see claws in small triangles and short, round fingers. Keep your measurements and proportions consistent.




Step 6: Draw your Abdomen and Back

Let’s increase the volume. Connect the circles created in the first step by drawing two straight lines at the top and bottom. The contours of a broad neck are drawn using lines running from the nose up to the ears.




Step 7 – Draw the contours of the hind leg

Draw the outline of the large hind paw. This powerful figure is very wide and has a slight narrowing down. As such, the back circle of your torso should be used as your main reference.




Step 8 – Add the hind toes

On the back paw, add claws and toes. We can’t see the bottom of the second leg because it is covered by the front. As in the sample, draw the contours as a horizontal line.




Step 9 – Remove the extra lines

Closely examine your drawing. Take a close look at your drawing and find any errors in proportions or lines. Locate the mistake in a step and erase it.




Step 10 – Color It

Contrary to their name, brown is the traditional color for grizzlies. Although you can use any color, we prefer to keep it real. For shadows, use a darker color.




This concludes the guide. These are the steps to draw more bears. Don’t forget to leave comments about how you created this wonderful animal. We look forward to receiving your feedback.

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