If you took a look through the article’s preview you might have thought that we’d draw UFOs. What do you think about that? Actually, we will have an entirely different subject for this drawing class. As you can see, we will teach you to draw the grill.

We’ve drawn a lot of foods that cook in the oven, however, we did not draw the grill itself. We need to draw the grill to correct this mistake!



Step 1

Begin by drawing the outline of a smooth and rounded object. This picture is smooth and decreases downwards. These are the contours that the grill bowl has. Place this shape in the middle of the sheet.




Step 2

Let’s draw the handles of our grill. There is a handle that is situated on the top of the grill. The other handle is at the bottom. The handle that is on the upper side is a bigger piece. Make sure to draw three circles on the handle which is situated on the top that covers the grill.



Step 3

We will draw the four pillars on our grill. The back pillar must be moved towards the side. As you will see, the pillars appear to be of different lengths. This is because of the angle.



Step 4

Then we move on to the drawing guide. We erase any extra lines that run in the lines of the handles and stand at the lower part of the grill. The grill is outlined with straight, confident lines.



Step 5

As you will see, we are close to the guide to the best way to draw grills step-by-step. This step will make the drawing more realistic and detailed. In order to achieve this, we’ll apply the shadows that are created by using the traditional hatching that is located behind areas that are not visible to the lighting.


As mentioned earlier We are frequently contacted with comments regarding it. is cool to see an instruction on how to draw grills in the forums of and we will not be unable to meet this request. Don’t forget to inform us of your latest wishes. We’ll be delighted to help you with your development.

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