how to draw a grenade

Do you enjoy drawing weapons? If yes, then today the team from will teach how to draw ways to draw the grenade simple and quick. It is a fact that the category Weapons is very well-liked on as our users frequently ask us to develop various instructions for the category. We’re against violence in all forms but we do love painting all things on the planet and that’s why we teach you ways to draw guns, grenades bows as well as guns.

Step 1

Let’s begin drawing an asymmetrical grenade using a simple oval. Be sure to draw it in a way that is uniform and proportional, to ensure that you won’t be confronted with the problem that your bomb is uneven.




Step 2

In the upper region of the oval, create the shape of a square. In addition, the detail of this figure is known as fuze. We are hoping that this information is not useful to anyone outside of drawing.




Step 3

Let’s now look at how the lever for safety functions. This lever is used to cover that fuse’s top and also from the side. it is positioned in the middle body of the grenade.




Step 4

It’s a complicated step since we must show two perfectly ovals. With these two ovals, we’ll make an elongated ring.




Step 5

A grenade could have a smooth and ribbed body. In this instance, the team at will give a touch of texture by drawing seven horizontal and two vertical lines. The lines should be drawn considering the curves of the body.




Step 6

Let’s color the grenade today. It can be colored in a standard green military color as well as in other colors. These are gray, black yellow, and in general any color. Paints or felt-tip pens, color pencils, or brushes in the same hue if drawing on a tablet for graphics.




Everything that has a beginning is a culmination. The guideline on drawing the grenade is not an exception. Please share it with others who want to draw, and then join our social media accounts and we’re in every one of them.

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