Today, we are bringing you an exciting drawing lesson in which we teach you how to draw an interesting character. As you can see, it is a drawing tutorial on drawing a gremlin.

Step 1
Start with the idea of a stickman. Draw the chest, head, and pelvis using circles. Draw the arms as well as legs, spine, and legs using simple lines. Take note that the head is significantly larger in comparison to the head that is drawn by a normal man.

A different aspect of the human form is the disproportionality of the limbs. The arms are long while the legs are shorter (It’s quite similar to monkeys).

Step 2
Draw the outline of the large ears. On the face, outline your face’s central lines as well as the line that helps in drawing the eye. Draw the arms out with small cylinders, and draw the hands in a way that is hands that are disproportionately large. hands

(at this point is like the hand movements of zombies (which is similar to zombie hands in Half-Life). The circles are connected by the pelvis and chest. Draw the outline of the legs in an exact manner as the arms.

Step 3
In this section, we define the most important facial features. We have to create a distinctive expression on the face. It is created by frowning brows and smiling mouths. Then, draw something resembling the zygomatic bone. It will extend to the maximum eye’s height to the mouth.

Remember the importance of the small nose which can be quite tight on the eyes.

Step 4
In this step, we’ll draw the specifics for the facial features. If you’ve done the steps before, everything went smoothly there shouldn’t be any issues with this step. The first step is to draw out the lines of the face and then give them their final shape. The lines of the ear are made more curly.

Draw small pupils around the teeth, and eyes, and create a few wrinkles on the face. Also, don’t forget to erase your lines.

Step 5
Now we will look at how we will shape the physique of our grinch. With the help of the cylinders and circles drawn in the previous step, we’ll provide the body with a polished appearance. Beginning from top to bottom first draw a figure make sure to draw the pectoral muscles Then draw the legs and arms. Mark the hands and feet without forgetting the knuckles.

Step 6
It is probably the easiest part of the drawing instruction on drawing a gremlin. We only have to remove all lines that are visible on the body part of our creature, and then draw lines around the arms, torso, and legs.

Make lines along the neck and abdominals and pectorals as in our illustration. The biceps, deltoids, and forearms as well as the leg muscles. Draw the claws on your feet and hands.

Step 7
The final step is to draw the final details and apply shadows. We’ve given just one idea of how you can dress your gremlin. You can also add hair, add more or fewer spots on the skin, or just leave the skin as it was in the first step.

We hope this drawing tutorial helped you to draw gremlins. If this lesson was helpful to you, do not be reluctant to pass it on. join our social media networks, and keep an eye on our website for the latest drawing lessons!

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