Greetings dear readers! We will be showing you how to draw a great SWORD. The two-handed sword, also known as a longsword, is one of many medieval European swords that are held in both hands. They were heavy and balanced so a one-handed grip was not possible.

Step 1
You can draw a straight line, just like in the tutorial about how to draw a longsword. This will allow us to make our sword proportional and straight.

Step 2
Draw the pommel located at the end of the line from step 1.

Step 3
Draw the grip. Long words can have a straight grip or a more complex grip, as shown in the example.

Step 4
Draw the guard that is longer than the guards for longswords or shortswords.

Step 5
Now, draw the blade. It should be long and tapered at the tip.

Step 6
As in the example, remove all lines that are not necessary and smoothen out lines.

Step 7
You can add shadows by hatching or glare with a few short strokes of the blade.

This lesson teaches you how to draw a longsword . These two-handed greatswords, which were used in medieval times, can be seen in many RPG games and movies. This lesson can be shared and you can subscribe to us on social networks.

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