How to draw a Great Horned Owl Step by Step -

How to draw a Great Horned Owl Step by Step

How to draw a Great Horned Owl Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

How To Draw Phineas And Ferb Step by Step

Step 1

The head can be drawn by drawing the three sides of a square. The head’s top should be shorter than its bottom.

Step 2

For the eyes, draw circles within the oval. The circles should be placed at the top and middle of the oval. A half circle should be added on the right side of your face, and a diagonal line should be drawn above your left eye. The semicircle can be used to define the ears. For the beak, curves should meet below a small diamond.

Step 3

Continue drawing the wings from the beginning using a rough and rounded triangle. To define the feathers, you can use more designs.

Step 4

Draw the body using a line that moves to the right and down.

Step 5

Draw the legs from the body. Use sharp hooks to attach the nails.

Step 6

The tail should be drawn from the wing. Use vertical lines to separate the feathers. Draw a triangle on the far right with the raw edge to the right.

Step 7

The tail should be drawn to expose the leg. Make sure you draw hook-like shapes for your claws. The tail should cover some legs. Now your great horn owl has been completed!


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