How To Draw A Great Dane Dog Step by Step -

How To Draw A Great Dane Dog Step by Step

How To Draw A Great Dane Dog Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

Okay, let’s begin this process by drawing three circles. The first one is for his head. Then, include the facial guides as well as the design of the jaw and muzzle. Then, draw a second circle for his torso , and after that, draw another circle to the bottom of the monster’s back. Then, include all the chi guides to the four legs, and then the tail.

Step 2

How are you doing so far? Sweet. The next step is to sketch the face of the Great Dane. Begin by drawing three long and slightly curly lines to represent the ears cut and two small circles to form the eyes. After that, draw the shape of his jowls, and then proceed to draw the lower portion and the lower part of his body. After you’ve drawn a few of the dog’s faces you can begin to outline the outline that the hind legs have, the lower belly, and finally the front legs.

Step 3

Okay so far so good right? You’re doing an excellent job. Keep it up. Now, sketch out the length of the tail. Then, draw the back of the shape of the hind legs of the Great Dane. Include a few toes and sketch the outline that the front of the paws in the manner illustrated here. Eventually, you’ll be able to give the dog a few nails.

Step 4

As you can see , your dog is walking nicely but guess what? It’s time to complete the drawing step. Complete the dogs faces by drawing their tops of their skulls, slightly indented and then adding their cute eyes and brows. Draw a line to define an outline of the nasal bridge and then draw the top of the nose by yourself. Finally, draw the nostrils. After that, complete the outline of the body and add to give more precise definitions to the pins that are inside. Before you leave, make sure to pamper him and then erase all guides and forms you created in the first step.

Step 5

You did it. You’ve just completed this course about drawing the Great Dane dog step by step. All you need to do now is draw your dog, and you’re finished. I am hoping you enjoyed this tutorial. I’ll return with a new tutorial in the near future so that you can follow this tutorial.



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