How To Draw A Graveyard

How To Draw A Graveyard

Step one:

Start this initial step by drawing the initial guidelines for the graveyard’s landscape. Begin with two wavy lines that represent the sky background and surface of the ground. The next step is to draw the lining of the chapel’s roof. Mausoleum and sketch the guidelines for all the tombstones, as well as the tree.

Step two:

In this stage, you’ll begin to draw out the gravestones which include tombstones and crosses. Be sure to make them look old and old. The one on the back is damaged because it is so old and creepy. Draw the details lines at the bottom of each gravestone to make them appear like they’re actually embedded into the dirt and the ground.

Step three:

The next step is to sketch the background, which includes the full moon with a spooky scream and some puffy clouds that are full. There are hilltops in the background so make sure you sketch them into. In the graveyard, there are skulls and bones resting in the ground like the image below. Include linings for the grass pieces and proceed onto the next stage.

Step four:

Now you can begin to work on the archway or doorway leading to the chapel’s Mausoleum like you can see. It is important to draw the steps and then draw the bold cross on the roof’s pointed at the top.

Step five:

The next step is to draw additional hills and grassy places. After that, you can begin drawing the graveyard tree on the left. Keep drawing out the design for the Chapel Mausoleum as you can see in this picture.

Step six:

In the final drawing step , you’ll sketch the shingles of the roof in the manner the drawing here. Then, finish the lining on the hillside. Then give a little more detail to the graveyard’s grounds. Remove all the guidelines you sketched in the first step to tidy your work.

Step seven:

Here’s what the Halloween themed landscape will look as when you’re done. You can color it in and are now able to learn “how to draw an easy graveyard step by step”.

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