On there are a vast amount of drawing lessons on diverse subjects that you can observe in your daily life. Today, we’re going to keep the drawing lesson on kitchen appliances and develop an instruction on drawing the grated.

Step 1
Then, you must sketch out the long trapezium with straight lines and dark lines. It is possible to draw this geometric shape using the help of a ruler, however, it’s best not to use it for learning the art of drawing straight lines.

Step 2
Continue to draw the dark and clear lines, we try to make our drawing larger. We will show the sides as well as the top part of the grates.

Step 3
With curved lines, draw the handle. Draw the top edge of the grates. In case you’d like to test the quality of your grater drawing, simply look at it in the mirror.

Step 4
On the front side we draw round holes while on the other side, we draw open planes. Don’t hurry to draw these holes taking into consideration the proportions and perspectives, so that the greater design appears accurate and proportional.

Step 5
With the aid of hatching to draw glares and shadows. This is important to make our drawing larger.

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