How to Draw A Grasshopper -

How to Draw A Grasshopper

How to Draw A Grasshopper

There are many species of insects in the animal kingdom. Many have amazing designs.

Even among this large variety of grasshoppers, the grasshopper is distinctive because of its extraordinary jumping ability.

Its unique appearance makes it a favourite insect all over the globe, and many people want to learn how draw grasshoppers.

You are among these people? Then you have come to the right place.

This 6-step step-by-step guide will show you how to draw a grasshopper.

1st Step:

The head and thorax are the first steps in our guide to drawing a grasshopper.

You will need to draw a rounded shape and a small one at the bottom for the head. You can then draw another shape to your right of the head.

It will be drawn using rounded lines but also with a protrusion on the top right-hand corner.

You can move on to the next step once you have the elements in place as shown in the reference image.

2nd Step:

Once you have drawn the head and thorax, it is time to add details. You can draw an oval shape to represent the eye of the grasshopper for the head.

For the feelers, you can then use long lines to poke off of it. We will add texture detail to the thorax by adding wavy lines.

This step will add the front legs. As shown in the reference photo, these legs will be made up of three sections. This is it for step 2. Now you can move on to step 3.

3rd Step:

This step of is complete! Here’s a guide to drawing grasshoppers. While these will be very similar to your previous drawings, they will show some differences.

The first is that the top portion of the leg will be shorter than the one before.

These ones will also point to the back of the grasshopper, rather than the front like the others.

4th Step:

Two legs of the grasshopper are strong and large enough to allow them to leap high and far. These are the parts of your grasshopper drawing that we will begin to draw.

They are thick at the base and rounder towards the ends. However, they become thinner as they move along. They will end in a knobbly, round shape that will connect with the rest of your leg.

For extra detail, you can also draw a series short straight lines along the legs.

5th Step:

We have some more things to do before you get to the last step of . This guide shows how to draw grasshoppers.

As shown in the reference photo, first create the thin section at the bottom of your back leg using jagged lines.

You can then extend the wings backwards by drawing straighter lines. The belly can be completed by adding more jagged lines.

It’s then a matter to use some simple lines to add more detail to the grasshopper. These can be used on the eyes, legs, face, body, wings, and chest.

These are only the details we’d add to it, so feel free to add more!

To go with the grasshopper, you could draw a background or add more insects. You can be creative and see the results!

6th Step:

This is the sixth and final step in the grasshopper drawing. Now you can have some fun coloring it!

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