We adore grapefruits a lot. Naturally, we would not create a separate post about this gorgeous fruit considering that our site already contains many lessons on more uncommon fruits. For instance, we’ve talked about asparagus and celery. Now it’s time to discuss drawing the grapefruit step-by-step.

Step 1

Drawing a circle of normal size isn’t a huge challenge Is it? One of the smallest features is that there is a slight taper at top of the curve. It is also apparent that the circle appears down the edges. Remember the fact that, in natural surroundings, it’s uncommon to find perfectly round fruits, so while drawing grapefruit do not attempt to draw the perfect round fruit.



Step 2

Now, let’s draw what’s left from the stem. It appears to be a small oval, with several triangular petals surrounding it. As you can see, our drawing of grapefruit is close to being completed, considering that there aren’t many features in this particular fruit.


Step 3.

Include a few points in the drawing we made in the previous step. Actually, grapefruits are pretty smooth fruit, therefore you shouldn’t draw more than a few points. Next, create some shadows. Note how the hatching appears different from the different areas that we have drawn on our grapefruit.


We drew a great juicy grapefruit. We hope you too have a fantastic photo. Your knowledge gained from this video tutorial on drawing the grapefruit will be extremely helpful in becoming an expert in drawing still-lifes. Draw a grapefruit in the middle of an assortment of grapes and a plethora of bananas as well as a couple of delicious apples. Complete the scene by using a vase or a small, neat container. Because still, life is one of the oldest forms of art that is fine, the staff of believes that everyone must be able to comprehend the fine art of this genre. We also won’t keep you informed that we operate social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. If you’re looking to stay up-to-date with our latest drawings, be sure to join these social media sites so that you don’t miss any new lessons.

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