How to Draw a Graduation Cap

Today, we’ll show the students what to do to create a graduation cap. It is a sign of achievement and knowledge everywhere in the world.


Step 1

We begin by drawing an extended rhombus. The rhombus should be drawn in the middle of the page or above one of the heads of the person who you’re drawing. This lesson is similar to an instruction on drawing stairs. We also used many straight lines.


Step 2

In this phase, we will create a symmetrical figure with round sides. Notice that the line of symmetry on the bottom figure is parallel to the line of symmetry that is conditional to the rhombus.


Step 3

In this process, we sketch the contours of the brush, which hangs from the edge of the cap. To make it more precise, we need to draw the brush’s base consisting of a narrow vertical rectangle as well as two circular forms.


Step 4

We will continue our lesson on drawing graduation caps. Draw our brush using another long, elongated model. The total length of the brush should be longer than that of the cap.


Step 5

Look at the results we have achieved. We always emphasize a distinct process to allow you to sit back and enjoy the outcome you have achieved before you begin working on the colors.


Step 6

We choose dark gray to complete the last step. On the right side of your cap will be a smaller area that is lighter in comparison to that of other parts.


What do you think about this drawing guideline? We have tried to make this guide as simple and easy to understand as we could. We are in need of your assistance. We can always use your help by writing down your comments about the site in the comment section.

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