How to Draw a Goth Angel -

How to Draw a Goth Angel

How to Draw a Goth Angel

How to Draw a Goth Angel

Step 1:

We will begin by drawing the outline that the face of an angel. By drawing the contour of the nose as well as the lip lining as well as the lines of stitching that are visible on her lips.

Step 2:

Then you should draw the eyebrows and shape of the wide eyes that are closed. The beauty also has beautiful long, thick lashes . draw them in too. Also, you will need be able to trace the stitches on the eyelid, as well as the definition and detail on the face.

Step 3:

One of my most favorite items to draw are human hair. I am a sucker for all types of hair every time I draw any type of character. That being said draw her long, dense flowing hair that is moving in the motion.

Step 4:

Create more hair strands and also add more detail to the hair that you drawn earlier.

Step 5:

The focus will be on the upper portion of the body. Begin by drawing the shape of the neck. Then draw the chest and shoulders. The neck should be defined and around the neck.

Step 6:

In this step, you draw the choke made of spiked leather collar, and then add the loop to the leash hook. Then make the leash.

Step 7:

Add tear shards that are being blown away or flung out of your face, in a dispersed pattern.

Step 8:

This is where you begin the drawing process to create Angel wings.

Step 9:

Finish with feathering details and then begin erasing any mistakes you could have made on the way.

Step 10:

The line art of the goth angel will look like the sketch you’ve seen here. Color in the angel.

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