How to Draw a Gorilla

This tutorial will show you how to draw the gorilla. This monkey is known for its aggressive nature and large dimensions. King Kong is also associated.


A movie in which the Monkey Lord will face Godzilla will soon be released. We’re going now to draw the most dangerous jungle inhabitant.


How to Draw a Gorilla

Step 1: Sketch the Head, Torso, and Neck

Place the three large, uneven circles next to one another. The largest, most stone-like circle is in the middle. This is our Kong’s torso, and also the strong chest. The headline is slightly larger than the body.




Step 2: Draw the Limbs for the Gorilla

Two lines are needed to combine the head, pelvis, and chest. Draw two lines that point down from the chest. Draw two lines from the pelvis, pointing down. These are the paws.




Step 3: Draw the neck and abdomen of the gorilla

Small growth is visible above the heads of gorillas. This detail can be drawn as a small pyramid, and placed directly above your head. Draw a line starting at the pelvis, and then draw it in a semicircle connecting to your chest.




Step 4 – Draw Gorilla Eyes

Two eyes should be marked on the head. They will look like small dots. Finish the head shape by adding a small protrusion that looks like a half-circle to it. Place it on the gorilla’s neck.




Step 5: Draw the Mouth and Nose of the Gorilla

Draw a line at the bottom of your head circle to indicate where your gorilla’s mouth lies. Large nostrils should be drawn a little higher. These nostrils should have sharp corners and a rosette shape.




Step 6 – Draw the Ears of the Gorilla

Make large, fluffy eyebrows that are above the eyes. Connect them at your nose’s bridge. Draw the ear on your left side.




Step 7 – Draw the details of the Face

Detail the ear by creating a shell-like shape inside the contours. Draw the jungle dweller’s face. Draw a line from the eye. Show the border of your muzzle. Select the convex portion of your mouth and draw a semicircle. Draw the folds below the eyes using short lines.




Step 8 – Draw the arms of the Gorilla

Long lines should be drawn almost from the ear to where it ends. You can start a new one by starting from the right cheek.




Step 9 – Draw the Fingers of the Gorilla

The large, powerful fingers of the gorilla are easy to draw. The gorilla rests on its front legs and bends all of its fingers. Drawing is made much easier by this.




Step 10 – Draw the legs of the gorilla

Draw the hind legs as thick and strong as the front. The other paw should be slightly in front. You want to make powerful, wide limbs that have as few curves and are as strong as possible.




Step 11 – Draw the feet of the gorilla

This angle shows that the hind legs and feet of a gorilla look very similar to a human’s. Draw the hind legs as thick and strong as the front. Place the other paw slightly in front.




Step 12 – Draw the wool of the gorilla

It is hard to draw the wool in fine detail. If you prefer a cartoonish style, avoid this level of detail. You can draw some rough lines around the arms, legs, back, and chest of our gorilla.




Step 13 – Delete the Guidelines

You should delete the original limb lines as well as the borders of the ovals you created at the beginning. Your drawing’s borders should be visible from the outside and not the inside.




Step 14 – Color the Gorilla

The only thing left is to choose the right color for your picture. Add gray to the main color picker. You can give the gorilla a two-tone color by adding light to the muzzle and torso.




This drawing lesson teaches you how to draw a gorilla. We hope that you will get a realistic and cool result. If you have any questions, please email us. We welcome your feedback. Critique is more valuable than praise, right? Please feel free to ask questions and criticize us. We will be more productive if you do.

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